Monday, November 30, 2009

Other Activities

5.More Participatory Activities

a.Baboon walk:

the baboon ecotourism project gives a chance to walk with an habituated baboon troop in their natural habitat while learning the troop family structure, their social structure, dietary habits, ranging pattern, as well as learning each individual by its name, relatives and others social aspects.

b.Bird watching:

Nguruman and its environs are known for its diverse bird’s species. Meet bird local watchers who will lead you to where you see different bird species of your interest while they explain the cultural theories behind a number of bird species in the area…learn why Maasai do not kill some bird species, which one are worn by the heroic and cowardly lads during their initiation period e.t.c

Other important bird areas:

i.Ol Doinyo Orok in Namanga is another spectacular bird watching region. The area is well vegetated and have a wide variety of bird species.
ii.Lake Natron is the breeding site for flamingoes in East Africa. Both young and adult flamingoes as well as other saline water bird species are seen in large numbers. Some of these species can also be seen in Lake Magadi.

c.Culture talks/Exchange:

Learn different culture through discussion and culture talks. Herbs (medicinal plants) exhibition, talks, explanation on their usage by distinguished local experts is also not to be missed.

d.The research center:

Visit the local research center to meet and chat with the researchers contacting different research; Carnivore research and Ecology. Have an opportunity to accompany them to the field tracking collared lions and hyenas, learn from their research activities; vegetation plots and transects.

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